Gleb Kirenkov
Fashion designer
Mariya Bubnova
Production Manager RocketShop
Nikita Vasilevskiy
Art Director RocketBank
Graphic designer and illustrator RocketShop
Roketbank is a digital bank that offers its customers not only a unique service, but also interesting products: various merch from t-shirts to sweaters, pleasant useful things like power banks and so on.

One of the founders has my coat from Nameless last line, made of the French membrane Porelle. After bringing her up to speed in the issue of raincoats, Maria, the head of RocketShop, offered to do something together for the customers of Rocketbank.

I got the idea to make a poncho after I saw the white poncho by Nike ACG. Simple design + maximum functionality. Having looked through the options, I decided not to do too simple a product - I wanted to do an amazing silhouette and solve the main problems that arise when a raincoat of this kind is worn.

The first thing you had to solve was to assemble the raincoat itself. In many models, this is done in a separate bag, which is attached to the poncho. Or folds into the hood. Therefore, in order to be slightly more original, we placed a poncho inside the pouch on the stomach, turning it inside out, you can put a poncho and close it with a two-way zipper.

The second problem is the open edges of the raincoat. The poncho does not have sleeves that would protect hands, without the risk of exposing the insides and moisture getting under the poncho during rainfall. The reason is simple - lack of cuffs. Dividing the detail of the poncho, starting from the shoulder according to the principle of the sleeve of Reglan, in two, we set 2 buttons for fixing and adjusting the wrist. Now the poncho had sleeves.

But then there is a second problem: when there was freedom for the hands during the rain, you need to be able to get something from under the poncho, for example from the pants pocket. For this, a slit is made at the level of the belt, covered by a piece of membrane

As a result of good teamwork, we received a unique product that has no equal in the niche of bank attributes for customers. Separately, we should note the photo shoot, which will be presented below - performed on pure enthusiasm, with the observance of professional experience - Nikita and Maria managed to present our first joint product in the shortest possible time.

In addition to white ponchos, variations of a different color and with a simpler application of the Roketbank logo were also made. All variants of the poncho are available to the bank's customers, subject to certain requirements – it can be bought by a sufficient amount of special currency - the Rocketrubles.

A classic anatomical hood with tightening adjustments along the face contour and on the occiput, made of black cord for contrast and observance of the graphic code.

The pocket in the abdominal area can hold EDC, protecting it from the rain. If necessary, turns inside out, getting the poncho in, and fastens on the inverted zipper.

"Cuffs" are fixed to the buttons in two places for different wrists - thin and wide. Also, the poncho size range has 2 types - for those above the average (and more often this is a masculine size) and for those of medium height or lower (more often female size).

A roll dye sublimation seal was used - several hundred meters of white fabric, on which we printed details with a graphic design.

Korean double-layer membrane fabric, sewn using all the rules for protection from rain - each seam is sealed under pressure by an elastic film with an adhesive layer.

And all this is done with care for customers.